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 Tourneys in worms 2 ?

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Tourneys in worms 2 ? Empty
PostSubject: Tourneys in worms 2 ?   Tourneys in worms 2 ? EmptyMon Mar 03, 2008 2:05 pm

I feel that its a great shame that the classic W2 is abanonded. Id like it to become as populair as wa. And there is alot of pros that has W2(including me. If im a pro) So. i wonder if we could have a tourney or Cup in Worms 2 if ppl shows interest using TUT.

That would be great =) allso W2s edditors allows more schemes then Wa (you can set all weopens power by detail)

w can in W2 hav the gun dealing mor dammage then a banana bomb( 100 shots take 100 damamge ech)
sunny Then we could perhaps ressurect Worms 2 to its former glory
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Tourneys in worms 2 ? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tourneys in worms 2 ?   Tourneys in worms 2 ? EmptyMon Mar 10, 2008 6:13 pm

W2 editor does not have more options then WA. You can download seperate scheme editors then the default one which is built in and these got alot more options.

There is alot more features in WA then W2 as well like colored maps, big maps, test stuff etc etc.

If enough people has W2 and people would like to play tourneys in there I don't think it would be a problem. The problem I saw while visiting W2 last time was that almost no one was able to host. Even though they forwarded ports and disabled firewalls. Some could some couldn't and it was a really big mess because it was rare if someone was able to host.

But if enough people shows interest in having a tourney there and is 100% sure that they can host and join games then I guess it's worth giving it a try.
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Tourneys in worms 2 ?
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