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 Information about trusted Mods here!

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Information about trusted Mods here! Empty
PostSubject: Information about trusted Mods here!   Information about trusted Mods here! EmptySun Mar 23, 2008 6:46 pm

The Idea of trusted Mods:

After we had to speculate that some people cheat in the tourneys they host. Like manipulating of the pairs or other things, we needed to do something.
So here it is.

What is a trusted Mod:

A trusted mod, is a Moderator of a tourney that is trusted. We (the mods and admins of TuT) can trust him to make fair tourneys!
So trusted Mods can host their tourneys and report the results to us, so that we can add the points to the actual season.
Since the new system, trusted mods can add the points by himslef.

A non-trusted Mod hosted tourney will not included into the seasons points!

A trusted mod must also make the news posts about their tourney properly with date, time, scheme, #channel etc and provide links for scheme and maps if it's a rather uncommon scheme.

They must also know how to report the tourneys properly to save admins work.

How can i become a trusted Mod:

Well, thats easy. All you need is to host a tourney, and post it here (open a new topic) that you want to become a trusted mod. Then mods/admins go to watch your tourney if anything is alright.
If so, you can become a trusted mod and host your tourneys.
For more details we can talk if your a trusted mod Wink

Other Informations:

Well, of course a trusted Mod can become a un-trusted mod again if he:

- Cheat in any way at his tourneys
- Insulting players

If a trusted Mod once kicked , its hard to become a trusted again because we are not trusting him anymore.

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Information about trusted Mods here!
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