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 Games Type Rules

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PostSubject: Games Type Rules   Thu Dec 27, 2007 12:52 am

Rules taken from http://www.cbc-wwp.com !

Game type rules.


- Attack from rope is a must.
- Get at least one crate before attacking.
- Firebombs are not allowed for damage other worms players, only for your self.
- Blocking is not allowed. Penalty = 5 sec penalty or collect crate, no attack.
- Mine blocking is allowed.
- Suicides of any kind are allowed.
- Knocking is allowed at all times and is not considered to be an attack.
- Piling is allowed.
- The player that cowed is allowed to get his crate but not attack.
- 3 faults = lose by default.


- Sitters are not allowed (Sitters are grenades that sit for 1/4 second or longer). Penalties for sitters are Grenade or Bazooka yourself (Same/Nearly Damage than you did).
- Straight zooks to your opponent are not allowed. Shots must take the wind.
If a sitter finishes the game then it's void. Game ending by foul is void.
- You have to readjust your aim every turn. (Except in first shot and firsts shots after moving with teles).
- 5 sec grenades are not allowed; 5 sec nading is only permitted in combination with low gravity.
- 1 sec grenades are allowed.
- Dark siding is not allowed. A darkside is considered a place where you can't hit OR be hitten with a nade. (Screenshots in this case)
- Girders may be used for bouncing purposes only.
- Piling is not allowed.
- It's forbidden to teleport less than half of a screen from your opponent in a 1024 x 768 screen.
- No dead teleports (having low health and teleporting on another worm and killing him with your grave damage).
- 3 faults = lose by default.


- Knocking worms into the water is not allowed.
- The first player to get 1 worm to the finish wins.
- All players start at the start.
- Taking shortcuts is not allowed.
- If a player loses all worms the game must be restarted respecting the advantage of the other player.
- Skipping turns or waiting is allowed, but not encouraged.
- As mentioned in the general RR rules, rope knocking is not allowed. However, accidents do happen. In the case that a worm is knocked into the water, the person that knocked it should finish their turn (assuming they didn’t fall into the water with the worm that they knocked). Then the other player surrenders and the map is re-played. The person whose worm was knocked should place their worm where it was before it had been knocked and the person that knocked the worm should place their worm where they finished their last turn. If their worm drowned along with the knocked worm, then they should just place on the start along with the rest of the worms. The first person should then skip (or not skip) to make up for turn order.
- If both players take the same amount of turns to reach the finish, they go ahead with their second worms, and so on, until one of them wins. If all worms have reached the finish and it is still a draw, the game will be repeated on the same map until a winner is set.

TimeTrial RopeRace:

- The player who reaches the finish with 1 worm in 1 turn in the shortest time wins. Number of worms/player = 3, so each player has 3 chances to complete the map.
- It's necessary to touch the "finish" letters or the last wall of the map for consider the run as finished.
- It's allowed to stop the clock counting by knocking your worm on roof, always you finish the map.


- Attack from rope is a must (always the weapon u're using permits it).
- Get at least one crate before attacking.
- Firebombs are allowed.
- Blocking is allowed, but blocking by longbow or girders is prohibited.
- Suicides of any kind are allowed.
- Knocking is allowed at all times and is not considered to be an attack.
- Piling is allowed.
- Making use of these weapons is prohibited: Armageddon, Earthquake, Girder, Girder Starter Pack, Indian Nuclear Test, Scales of Justice. If a player uses one of these weapons, a default win goes to the opponents.
- 3 faults = lose by default.

*wXw: You have to touch X walls before attacking. (X = number of walls)

Note: Fly shopper is not considered as Shopper scheme no longer, so it must be reported as Other.

Default games (T17, pro, elite):

- Glitches are not allowed.
- Cluster abuse is allowed.
- Rope knocking and bungee knocking are not allowed.
- Moving up or down along the sides of the map is allowed.
- Piling allowed.

Bungee :

*Rules from bungeeleague.com
If there is a possibility of making jump without bungee (normal jump) you can do so.
If you get knocked back by your opponent worm, you are allowed to teleport back to place from where you were knocked.
If you fall back by your own mistake, you are NOT allowed to teleport where you were.
If the game crashes, the game should be rehosted. Place your worms where they were before crash.
If your worms sinks, you lose. No rehosting.
Sudden-Death time should be set at 20 minutes.
If the game isn't finished after Sudden-Death, the winner is the worm who is the furthest at this point (by number of jumps). If the worms are at the same jump, then the person who makes the next jump first will win. If you complete this jump at the same time, then the following jump will decide, and so on. If the end is reached during this process, teleport back to the start and continue.

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PostSubject: Re: Games Type Rules   Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:32 am

No bungee knocking??? Wha??
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PostSubject: Re: Games Type Rules   Mon Feb 18, 2008 3:18 pm

Lol Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Games Type Rules   Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:56 pm

lol of course no bungee knocking Oo
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PostSubject: Re: Games Type Rules   

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Games Type Rules
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